Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gina's Garden

Gina's Garden Posted by Picasa

On Sept 23, 2006 one of our SBB members Gina (crafttealady)lost her oldest son in a horrific accident. Over 40 designers from many sites bonded together to create this benefit kit, with all proceeds benefiting the Nicolas DeLude Memorial Fund. My own contribution forms part of the Pansy Kit.
The cost of each kit is $5.00, with the purchase price of $20.00 for the complete six kit CD (download version).
You can purchase this kit for a limited time HERE
My heart is with you Gina.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Menagerie - New in store

New in store! Posted by Picasa

Lions and tigers and bears oh my! 17 textured animal silhouettes are included in this fun pack of oversize (3inch and larger) elements, just perfect for zoo or pet pages. Included is a goggle eye so you can give the animals a bit of personality. Pack includes bear, lion, lioness, tiger, snake, 2 dogs, cat, lizard, fish, bird, giraffe, rabbit, monkey, elephant, cow and a kangaroo.
Take a look now!

Bad news :(

Poor Kimlizzy - her computer crashed this morning and it will be at least two weeks til she will be able to have it fixed.
She will check in from the local library but is unable to do anything much else.
Send good computer vibes her way!

Freebie and a Question!

Freebie Posted by Picasa

I need ideas for a DIP tutorial topic for SBB's TidBytes December issue. I'd like something seasonal - what would you like to see a tutorial on? Post a comment with your suggestion :) In fact any ideas for tutorials you want to see that Kim and I havent covered yet would be appreciated.

Then you can download this free tictactoe layered template HERE

Friday, September 22, 2006

Kwikstaks Patchwork Boat

Here's one for the boys. Available in PNG+ for DIP and Separate PNG Files.

Papers from Grubbies Brothers Page Set by Christina Bartholemew at Scrapbook-Elements

Download Separate PNG Files HERE

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Separate PNG Files for Templates 10-13

I've finally caught up and have made Separate PNG files for templates 10-13.
No Longer Available

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kwikstaks Template #18

I made a template from this layout I made today.
Available in PNG+ and Separate PNG files.

Credits: Plum Rotten kit by Jan Hosford at SBE

Download PNG+ for DIP HERE
Download Separate PNG Files HERE

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kwikstaks Patchwork Heart

Credits: Autumn Song Mini Kit by Betty Martin
from SBE September 06 Newsletter
Stitching by Gina Cabrera

Download PNG+ for DIP HERE
Download Separate PNG Files HERE

Kwikstaks Patchwork Butterfly

Credits: Plumrotten Kit by Jan Hosford at SBE
available Sunday 17th
Stitching by Gina Cabrera

Download Separate PNG Files HERE

Saturday, September 16, 2006

PNG PLUS (PNG+) v PNG Explained

There seems to be confusion out there from users of programs other then DIP/DIS so hopefully this will clarify.

Like most other graphics programs, DIP/DIS has it's own "Native File Format".
These files retain their indivudual layers within DIP/DIS so they can be altered later if necessary.

Photoshop (PS) has PSD format.

Digital Image Pro/Suite (DIP/DIS) has PNG PLUS (PNG+). This is NOT the same as a normal PNG file.

PSD files will open in DIP/DIS but will NOT retain the layers. They will appear as flattened images.

PNG PLUS (PNG+) files will open in PS but will NOT retain the layers. They will appear as flattened images.

MOST of the DIP Divas templates have been made available in both PNG+ (single layered file for DIP/DIS users only) and Separate PNG files so those using other programs can use them.

Our file descriptions are very clear:
Download PNG+ for DIP HERE
Download Separate PNG Files HERE

Please check to see that you are downloading the correct file format.

Kwikstaks Template #17 PNG+ and PNG

Make your own patchwork background with this template.
Leave it flat or distort it as shown in the second example.
Simply fill the shapes with paper and add stitching.

Credits: Grubbies Brothers Page Kit by Christina Bartholomew at Scrapbook-Elements

Download PNG+ for DIP HERE
Download Separate PNG Files HERE

Thursday, September 14, 2006

DIP Stax 4 is instore - and a freebie for you!

Freebie Posted by Picasa

Ive been busy - DIP Stax Collection 4 is now instore after the store went through an upgrade over the last two days. Scroll down for a preview.
Here's a new free 12x12 png+ template for you to download - its a bit unusual I know but I would love to see what you make of it Let me know :)
Download HERE

Bellybutton Bear

I made this bear a while ago for the CSE group but thought I'd share it with our blog readers.

No Longer Available

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kwikstaks Template #16

I made a template from this layout I did today.
The font in the template is Verdana but is easily changed.
Available in PNG+ and separate PNG files.

Layout Credits: Imagine by Rina Kroes at Scrapbook-Elements

Download PNG+ for DIP HERE
Download Separate PNG files HERE

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sneak peek! DIPStax Collection 4!

Sneak peek! Posted by Picasa

You can expect DIPStax Collection 4 in the next day or so! This layout using papers and elements from A Cherry on Top's Celebrate Mega kit is called rainbow.

You will also find a new kit " Softly Sweet" and a pack of "Acrylic Swipes"

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kwikstaks Animals 1 PNG+ and PNG

Add bevel or use as paper piecing. Use plain colours or patterned paper for different looks.

Download PNG+ HERE
Download Separate PNG HERE

September TidBytes Out Now!

Get Yours Now! Posted by Picasa

This month you recieve 4 free kits, you can win a copy of Photoshop Photo Effects Cookbook, learn how to photograph textures, mix and match patterned papers, create an altered book and learn more with tutorials for Photoshop Photoshop Elements, Digital Image Pro and PaintShopPro and more!.
Each issue is only $5, or subscribe for 12 months for only $35.00 on sale right now!

Links all working again

Bestsharing was having problems but they seem to be fixed now so all the links are working again.

Friday, September 08, 2006

PSD Stax Collection 2 Now Available

PSDStax Collection 2 Posted by Picasa

This collection includes 4 double page and 6 single page layered templates in the psd format for Photoshop/Photoshop Elements and PSPX users. With a variety of unique designs they will have you finishing layouts in minutes.
PLEASE NOTE: These templates will be flattened when opened in any program that does not support layered psd files which includes Digital Image Pro/Suite (please see DIP Stax collection), PhotoImpact and PaintShopPro.

Funky Fur Released

Funky Fur Released Posted by Picasa

These oversize faux fur shapes are funky and fun! The perfect accent for your layout, they are sized between 4 and 6 inches in width!
Grab your sample freebie for a limited time
Purchase at for just $3.00

Funk Fur Limited Time Sample

Posted by Picasa

Here is a sample for you of "Funky Fur" - only available for a limited time
Link has expired. Hope you grabbed it!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kwikstaks Template #15

Available in both PNG+ for DIP and Separate PNG files

Download PNG+ HERE
Download Separate PNG Files HERE

Kwikstaks Frames 1 (PNG+ and PNG)

Available in PNG+ for DIP and separate PNG files.

Download PNG+ HERE
Download Separate PNG files HERE

Shelleyrae's Ezine Crop!

Come and join me 10pm USEastern Tuesday night - September 5th/ 12noon Wednesday afternoon AUSEastern for Shelleyrae's
Ezine Crop in teh chatroom at
You could be published in NOVEMBER's issue of TidBytes and receive a free complimentary issue just by taking part!

Theme’s this month are for the NOVEMBER issue, You can choose ANY theme listed: Theme: All that
glitters OR Theme: Giving thanks OR Theme: Gifts OR Colors: Gold and Silver OR DESIGN: Swirls and Whirls

You will recieve the freebies shown here as my gift for attending
If you cant make it you can take part anyway! Complete rules here

Hope to see you there!

***Download requested Add on Chipboard phrase "All Girl" HERE

Kwikstaks Template #14 PNG+ and Separate PNG

Both PNG+ for DIP and separate PNG files available

Download PNG+ HERE
Download separate PNG files HERE

Kwikstaks Templates 6-9 Separate png files

Here are the separate png files for templates 6-9

No Longer Available

Kwikstaks Template 5 Separate PNG files

Here are the separate png files for template 5. 8.5x11"

Download HERE

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tutorial: Using Separate PNG Template Files in DIP/DIS

Instructions for reassembling separate png template files.

Download PDF version HERE

Kwikstaks Templates 1-4 (separate png files)

These are separate png files for the 8 1/2 x 11 templates 1-4

Download HERE

Kwikstaks Shapes 1 (separate png files)

I've uploaded the separate shape files so those without DIP can use them.

Download HERE

Kwikstaks Shapes 1

Fill the shapes with your favourite paper to create lots of different looks.
Add a drop shadow to the top layer to add dimension to the cutout circles.

Sample Credits: All available from Scrapbook-Elements
Flower: Paper from The Fabric of Fall kit by Ginger Thibodeau
Heart: Paper from Regal kit by Alma Townsend
Star: Paper from Evenflow by Monica Larsen

Please let me know if you like them.
Download HERE

Monday, September 04, 2006

New Tutorials and a freebie

Tutorial Freebies Posted by Picasa

I just posted three new tutorials for DIP at scrapbook-bytes.
Rotate, Flip, Skew and Straighten
Creating a Photo prong (no plugin)
Creating a Line Art Stamp
Just for blog readers you can download these 5 .png miscelleanous line art stamps HERE - learn how to make your own in the Creating a Line Art Stamp tutorial

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Its us!

Here we are - Kimlizzy's dh took the picture of us :) It's our shadows in eth corner too - taking photos of course! Kim wrote this in the sand when we were at the beach - just to make sure everyone knows we were there LOL.
This is the first time we have met in person after daily chatting for ages - we had a great time while our respective dh's rolled there eyes at our inability to not talk about digiscrappin!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Kwikstaks Template #13

I made a template from this layout I did yesterday.
Feel free to use pre-made flowers from kits instead.

Layout Credits: Tenderness by Jan Hosford at SBE

Download HERE
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